The Way We Were

Dip into the college archives and observe events, meet personalities and perhaps even recover your own memories of yesteryear!

  • Kildare 60 Year Reunion
    Images from the early years of Kildare gleaned from the Lavalla Catholic College archives and from the photos submitted by past students. These images were scrolling on screen as the over four hundred former students began to assemble in the Kildare hall.
  • Gunnai Dreaming
    Gunnai Dreaming, text and music by Mark Clement Pollard, commissioned by Lavalla Catholic College Senior Choir. Spoken solo by Hollie Johnson Gunnai Dreaming is inspired by the one of the creation dreaming stories of the Gunnai people and is a sound colour journey of Boran the Pelican on a path to meeting Tuk the Musk duck who … Read more
  • 2004 Lavalla Promotional Video
    This video was created in 2004 to showcase Lavalla Catholic College to prospective parents and students in primary schools