Music Program

The music program at Lavalla Catholic College has been recognised for its excellence at a local, state and even national level.

It is one of the most vibrant and rewarding experiences a student can have at our College.

Students get the opportunity to be a member of one or more of our ensembles where they build strong bonds with their peers while developing their potential.

Participation in the Music Program can develop such traits as cooperation, teamwork, leadership skills and perseverance. These are all characteristics that contribute to success in all areas of education and life.

There is a strong correlation between learning a musical instrument and academic excellence.

Ensemble students may get the opportunity to perform throughout the year at a variety of Eisteddfods, concerts and interstate competitions.

Each ensemble is conducted by one of our outstanding music teachers who form a dedicated and experienced team sharing their enthusiasm, passion and expertise with their students.

We encourage you to direct any enquiries you have to our Music Secretary, Mrs. Carly Marsland on (p) 5174 7355 or


Lessons are generally 30 minutes in length (extended options are available for senior students upon request) and are scheduled weekly. Whilst the day that lessons are held is generally consistent, times are rotated each week to ensure that students are not constantly missing time from one particular subject.

Teachers across all subject areas are very supportive of our music students and ensure that they are kept up to date with any content that is missed while students are attending music lessons.

As the length of an instrumental lesson is significantly shorter than the general timetabled classes, students will only miss a portion of any particular class.

Beginner Group 30 Minute Instrumental Lesson

These lessons are available only for students in their first year of playing an instrument. Lessons will be made up of 3 to 4 beginner students who will meet for a 30 minute scheduled lesson each week of term.

Individual 30 Minute Lesson (Vocal / Instrumental)

Lessons will be taught one-on-one in a 30 minute scheduled lesson each week of term.

Hiring of Instruments

Students choosing a wind or brass instrument generally choose to rent an instrument through a ‘Rental’ scheme. This is an external company called Musicorp.

The Music Lesson fees are:

Instrument Hire
(per term)
Instrument Hire
(per term)
Trumpet $78.00 Trombone $78.00
Alto Saxophone $104.00 Tuba $99.00
Tenor Saxophone $125.00 Baritone Saxophone $140.00


As Music Tuition is an optional, elective subject, music fees are billed separately from the College’s Global Tuition Fees which are payable directly to the Music Program.

The 2024 Music Lesson fees are:

Lesson Type Fee per Lesson
Beginner Group 30 Minute Instrumental Lesson $14.00
Individual 30 Minute Lesson (Vocal/Instrumental) $31.00