Principal’s Welcome

At Lavalla Catholic College students are at the heart of all we do. Our approach is underpinned by two important exhortations of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers: “to make Jesus Christ known and loved”; and “[that to] educate children is to love them and to love them all equally”. Whilst Marcellin wrote these words over 170 years ago they are still very much current today and strongly reflect the fact that contemporary education centres on relationships built on respect, trust, and a love of learning that is achieved within a collaborative faith community.

Lavalla Catholic College is proud of its provision of a Catholic Education that meets all the needs of the students and families in the Latrobe Valley.

Through its network of three Campuses the College has innovative programs across all levels of the school that have been designed to engage students, build self-esteem and provide learning experiences that are fun and inspiring as well as relevant and rigorous.

As you read these web pages, it will become apparent that what distinguishes us from other schools is our commitment to our Catholic faith. It is a faith espousing hope, justice and forgiveness. An education gained at Lavalla Catholic College is an education for the here and now as well as an education for the future. It is not just about academic subjects but about each student leading a fulfilling, positive life.

The College believes that a sense of belonging builds confidence and connection in young people. They are sustained and strengthened by positive interaction as they mature into intelligent and responsible adults who can make wise choices as well as valuable contributions to society.

I invite you to visit Lavalla Catholic College and experience all it has to offer. You will see why Lavalla students have Strong Minds and Compassionate Hearts.