Faith & Ministry

Lavalla Catholic College is called ‘to make Jesus Christ known and loved’. This operational principle underpins all we say and do. Therefore education in faith, religious knowledge and ministry is core practice.

At Lavalla Catholic College, we do not compartmentalise people, believing that all people are made in the image of God. We educate the whole person.

Religious Education, Faith and Ministry enrich life and complete the education of our students’, head, heart, hands and spirit, in order that they live the motto “Strong Minds Compassionate Hearts.”

Game Changers

A Marist Leadership Program, is offered to students from Years 10-12. It is a voluntary program led by members of the teaching staff and involves interacting with other Remar leaders from Marist schools across Australia. The college is a member of Remar Australia, a part of Marist Youth Ministry. Regular Remar meetings and leadership camps develop life skills, community, prayer and faith and opportunities for community service and ministry in an atmosphere of fun and joy. The highlight is the challenge for holistic growth, the social networking at camps and the Solidarity Camp to a remote settlement in Year 11.

Retreats and Reflections

All students, from Years 7 to 12 take part in the annual retreat. At Year 12, the retreat provides students with an opportunity for prayer, time and space to reflect on the direction their lives are taking as they move towards the end of their school lives and into the future. Students are also challenged to reflect on their Catholic/Christian faith and how this impacts on their decision-making and the way they live their lives. These retreats build on the Reflection Day program that all students in Years 7-10 participate in. At each year level RE classes take time out of their daily routine to work with their RE teachers for a day, exploring their faith journey in the context of their age and peer group experience.

Social Justice and Community Service

The college educates students to contribute to the local community and to the wider society. Students support various charitable organisations like Caritas, St Vinnies, Cancer Council, Veterans and Gippsland Interchange.