Sports Enrichment

Lavalla Catholic College is a school that identifies and facilitates the needs of students who are Elite Sports Performers within our school and community.

Striving for Balance & Recognition

The aim of the program is to foster and enrich talented student athletes in their endeavour to reach and perform at the highest level possible in their specific sport.

We recognise that many of our secondary school students compete in their chosen sport at an Elite/State level and are required to train a significant amount of hours per week, prior to and after school, as they strive for success. Melbourne based, interstate and overseas competitions frequently require extended absence from school and interruption of face-to-face contact  with teachers therefore making appropriate learning adjustments paramount.

We seek to:

  • Identify and enrich students who are participating or competing in sports at an Elite/State
  • Assist elite student athletes as they look to balance their academic education with their sporting
  • Offer weekly Strength and Conditioning and Recovery sessions with trained
  • Encourage and promote Elite Training Principles that will incorporate self-discipline, a positive mindset and goal
  • Provide ongoing guidance and support to students in the program with time management, prioritising, communication (with staff) and stress management
  • Assist in developing a network for Elite sports performers so they can support and encourage each other to achieve their
Guest Speakers

A crucial part of the program is to engage with guest speakers as they explain how they manage and balance their sporting commitments with schoolwork, stress management, opportunities and how they achieved their success.

Victorian Institute of Sports Tour

Students will have the opportunity to visit the Victoria Institute of Sport in Albert Park, Melbourne. The tour will involve sessions instructed by many of the nation’s top coaches in areas such as Sport Psychology, Nutrition, Recovery Procedures, Strength and Conditioning and Athlete Career Education. We believe that there is a need for the student athletes of Lavalla to participate in such activities to demonstrate the commitment and dedication required to be an Elite athlete. The student athletes will gain a valuable insight to what will undoubtedly improve their performance as they seek to reach the ultimate level.