Library Services

At Lavalla Catholic College we have named our Library Service “The ISC”: This is short for Information Services Centre, and it is a place where you can:

  • Borrow fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs and audio books
  • Get help with your computer (Helpdesk)
  • Read
  • Play board games
  • Chat with friends
  • Find information
  • Ask for directions
  • Print and photocopy
  • Obtain a new photo identity card
  • Study
  • Sit quietly
  • Complete your homework
  • Add credit to your print account

Kildare After-school supervised study sessions are available Monday-Thursday from 3.15-5.30 pm.

The library closes at 4 pm on Friday.

St Paul’s After-school supervised study sessions are available Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3.15-5.00 pm.

The library closes at 4.20 pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and at 4 pm on Friday.

Our Libraries are open:

  • Before school
  • At recess
  • At lunchtime
  • After school, and
  • For classes when teachers choose to take their class there.

The ISC has one team of highly skilled staff who work at both the Kildare ISC and the St. Paul’s ISC: They also provide support at the Presentation Campus for various events and projects.

Services offered by the library

At the Helpdesk in the ISC, students can have selected Microsoft products, Adobe products and Citrix (virtual network access) installed – at no cost. The Helpdesk staff also assists with a range of hardware and software issues students may face.

There are a limited number of computers available for class use if a student’s device is malfunctioning – please explore these options with the ISC staff.

The ISC also has a range of in-ISC computer charging options for student devices that run out of battery life during the day.

The ISC’s catalogue is available via the internet. Using Google Chrome as the browser for the best results, access either or

Students/staff use their college username and password to log in. The ISC catalogue also gives access to ClickView Online, a digital database of documentaries and movies.

For direct access to ClickView Online, again using Chrome as the web browser, go to

ISC staff are constantly purchasing new resources which can be viewed via the ISC catalogue at . Email the ISC staff your purchase suggestions.

There are NO CHARGES for borrowing books, DVDs, audio books or graphic novels.


Students may have SEVEN items on loan at any time: the borrowing period is 2 weeks or longer if there is a holiday break. Loans are renewable by negotiation. Students wishing to borrow books intended for an older audience require written parental permission.

Printing and photocopying are the only charges in the ISC. Students receive an Identity Card for printing and photocopying that is credited automatically with $5.00 when they start and then $5.00 every semester thereafter. If students need more credit, they can pay for this in an ISC.