Inclusive Learning

At Lavalla Catholic College we offer educational opportunities for all students and support them through the challenges of their perceived needs or disabilities. We strongly believe that all students can and have the right to learn in the company of their peers, who have a range of interests and abilities. So, we encourage all students to aspire to their highest potential. The founder of the Marist Brothers, St Marcellin Champagnat himself learnt to overcome school and academic difficulties with the support of those around him.

We identify the needs of our students through a variety of measures and with parental/carer input and that of the student, we implement approaches to help them move forward. Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) identify their strengths, areas for improvement, short term achievable goals and strategies that best match their needs. Regular meetings with parents and the student will be held to monitor student progress and set new goals. As we all know, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and we always work with individual needs.

Students will have the opportunity to work on strategies within a multi skilled team – their Learning Advisor teacher (homeroom teacher), their class teachers, an Educational Support Officer (ESO), counsellor, speech therapist and/or occupational therapist may be part of this team depending on the student’s individual needs. Support is designed with students’ best interests at heart and with an eye on developing independence and furthering their growth whilst being aware of their self-esteem and their needs as teenagers.

We firmly believe that practices and policies designed for students with specific learning needs are equally beneficial for all students and the learning community at Lavalla Catholic College.