Bus Information

Please complete the form below and email to Melanie Zimora or return to The Hermitage Administration Centre – Grey Street. NOTE: Digital Signatures are not accepted.

At Lavalla Catholic College we have a number of bus systems in place to ensure your child can get to and from school in a safe and timely manner. If you live more than 4.8kms away from the college you are entitled to an allocated bus pass. If you live less than 4.8kms or wish to travel on a different bus to sport, grandparents etc the student may use a MYKI card on LVBL town buses ONLY.

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines (LVBL)

The following is a list of the Lavalla town buses (Conveyance Allowance Form required):

  • Newborough
  • Morwell 1
  • Morwell 2
  • Morwell 3
  • Morwell 4 (Kildare Students only)
  • Morwell 5 (St Paul’s Students only)
  • Churchill 1
  • Churchill 2
  • Churchill 3
  • Hazelwood North
  • Moe
  • Bank St/Ellavale (St Paul’s Students only – Kildare students must apply online through PTV)
Public Transport Victoria (PTV)

The following is a list PTV run buses (Students must apply online for a pass)

  • Callignee
  • Cairnbrook
  • Cowwarr
  • Cowwarr Weir
  • Flynns Creek
  • Glengarry*
  • Glengarry West
  • Kornalla
  • Merrimans Creek
  • Toongabbie
  • Tyres Flats
  • Tyres Hill
  • Willung South

*All Kildare Campus Students that live in Ellavale Estate must apply for a Glengarry bus pass.

NO MYKI cards are allowed on these buses to visit grandparents/friends or to attend sports training etc, these buses are solely to be used for the residential area only.

To apply for travel on one of these routes, please do so via the PTV website. We have some brief instructions below that will assist you:

New bus travellers who have siblings currently travelling

Where a family currently has children using a school bus service, but another sibling needs school bus access, login to the School Bus Management System and add a new traveller to your account. Once complete, create a new application for this traveller.

New Bus Travellers ****
****for Country Buses ONLY (not Town Buses)

Families accessing School Bus Program services for the first time will need to register a new School Bus Management System account.

  • Go to schoolbus.educationapps.vic.gov.au
  • Click Register
  • Complete all the information in the registration process. It is recommended that you enter as much information as required (such as emergency contacts)
  • Add traveller/s using the ‘+Add Traveller’ button
  • Create a New Application for each child applying to access a school bus
  • Submit application

A School Bus Management System user guide is available at schoolbus.educationapps.vic.gov.au