Second-Hand Uniform Shop

Open by Appointment Only. 

The Lavalla Catholic College Second-Hand Uniform Shop is located on the St.Paul’s Campus near the Canteen and is open by appointment only.

Appointments are available on Thursdays and Fridays between 10.15am and 4.30pm. Please check the listing below to ensure we have what you are after in stock before requesting an appointment.

Please be aware we are very limited in small sizes and therefore recommend all new Year 7 students purchase new uniforms from our stockist LOWES if able. This will also ensure you have the most up to date College logo on your uniforms.

Please call 5174 7355 or email for an appointment.

Please sign in at St Paul’s Reception on arrival.

Our preferred payment method is EFTPOS/credit card, cash and cheques are also accepted.

Information on what garments are available, with prices, can be found below.

Selling Uniform Items – Conditions Of Sale.

By using the Second-Hand Uniform shop to sell your uniform you are agreeing to the following conditions of sale:

  • We are transitioning from cheques to electronic funds transfers for payment of items sold. Please ensure we have your bank details.  Forms for banking details are available at St Paul’s reception or via this link.
  • Each item of clothing for sale must have a tag attached if you wish to receive payment when the item sells. Tags can be found here. Please note the price of uniforms to be sold is determined by the Uniform Shop staff.
  • Only authentic College Uniform from either Riggals or Lowes is acceptable for re-sale. All other brands will be immediately discarded or given to charity. We do not currently accept clothing from the music department, VCAL courses or other external courses.
  • Kilts and Blazers must be dry cleaned with the cleaner tag still attached, or they will not be accepted. All other items must be cleaned and ironed.
  • Clothes must be of a re-sellable quality. Excessive rips, holes and texta/paint marks are not acceptable, even when mended. Clothing deemed to be unsellable will be donated to Charity or discarded without notice to the seller.
  • The Uniform Shop takes a 15% commission on items sold to assist with our running costs.
  • Clothing for sale can be dropped off at St. Paul’s Campus Reception at any time.
  • We are no longer accepting the Rugby Top, Spray Jacket, Yellow Stripe Trackpant or Yellow Polo Top for sale in The Shop.

Phased Out Items

The Lavalla Catholic College Second-hand Uniform shop will be removing some items for sale over the next few years as they are phased out and no longer sellable.

If you have items for sale in the Second-hand Uniform Shop and would like to be contacted now and in the future to collect your items before they are discarded please contact us immediately at

Purchasing Uniform Items

The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is usually very well stocked with most uniform items but smaller sizes are limited at times. A full list of our quantities and prices can be found in the below table.

As we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on items purchased from the Second-Hand Uniform Shop we highly recommend bringing your child in to try on clothing. This is especially necessary with Kilts and Blazers. Changing rooms are provided.

Please note that Kilts MUST be tried on. They are sized to the original owner and are therefore no longer a set size. We will most likely have one that will fit you.

We accept cash, cheque or EFTPOS.


CategorySub CategorySizeQuantityApprox. Cost
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer80$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer100
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer123$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer14More than 10$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer16Less than 5$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer18More than 10$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer20More than 20$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer22More than 20$15
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer24More than 20$18
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer26More than 10$18
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer28More than 10$18
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer300$18
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer320$18
Short Sleeve ShirtBoys Summer340$18
ShortsBoys Summer80$18
ShortsBoys Summer103$18
ShortsBoys Summer12More than 5$18
ShortsBoys Summer14More than 10$18
ShortsBoys Summer16More than 20$20
ShortsBoys Summer180$20
ShortsBoys Summer200$20
ShortsBoys Summer225$20
ShortsBoys Summer242$20
ShortsBoys Summer262$20
ShortsBoys Summer301$20
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter60$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter80$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter100$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter12More than 10$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter14More than 20$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter16Less than 10$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter18More than 20$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter20More than 20$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter22More than 10$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter24More than 10$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter28Less than 10$19
Long Sleeve ShirtBoys Winter30Less than 5$19
TrouserBoys Winter10Less than 5$28
TrouserBoys Winter11More than 10$28
TrouserBoys Winter121$28
TrouserBoys Winter131$28
TrouserBoys Winter14More than 20$28
TrouserBoys Winter15More than 20$28
TrouserBoys Winter16More than 20
TrouserBoys Winter16 1/44$28
TrouserBoys Winter17More than 20
TrouserBoys Winter18 More than 20$28
TrouserBoys Winter193$28
TrouserBoys Winter20Less than 5$28
TrouserBoys Winter22Less than 5$28
TrouserBoys Winter240$28
TrouserBoys Winter260$28
TrouserBoys Winter282$28
TrouserBoys Winter301$28
TrouserBoys Winter320$28
TrouserBoys Winter340$28
TrouserBoys Winter360$28
TrouserBoys WinterMens 742$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 761$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 782$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 791$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 82More than 10$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 84Less than 5$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 87More than 20$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 892$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 92More than 20$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 94More than 5$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 97More than 10$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 100Less than 5$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 1070$30
TrouserBoys WinterMens 1120$30
Summer DressGirls Summer60$35
Summer DressGirls Summer83$35
Summer DressGirls Summer10More than 10$35
Summer DressGirls Summer12Less than 5$35
Summer DressGirls Summer14More than 10$35
Summer DressGirls Summer16More than 20$35
Summer DressGirls Summer18More than 20$35
Summer DressGirls Summer20Less than 5$35
Summer DressGirls Summer22More than 5$35
Summer DressGirls Summer24Less than 5$35
Summer DressGirls Summer26Less than 5$35
BlouseGirls Winter80$21
BlouseGirls Winter101$21
BlouseGirls Winter122$21
BlouseGirls Winter14More than 10$21
BlouseGirls Winter16More than 15$21
BlouseGirls Winter18Less than 10$21
BlouseGirls Winter20More than 10$21
BlouseGirls Winter22More Than 20$21
BlouseGirls Winter24Less than 5$21
BlouseGirls Winter26Less than 5$21
KiltGirls Winter61$50
KiltGirls Winter8More than 20$50
KiltGirls Winter10More than 20$50
KiltGirls Winter12More than 20$50
KiltGirls Winter14Less than 10$50
KiltGirls Winter16Less than 5$50
KiltGirls Winter18More than 5$50
KiltGirls Winter20Less than 5$50
KiltGirls Winter22Less than 5$50
KiltGirls Winter24Less than 5$50
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter60$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter80$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter100$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter121$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter141$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter160$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter180$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter200$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter220$42
Winter Wool PantGirls Winter240$42
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports UniformSmall (10-12)2$15
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports UniformMedium (14-16)0
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports UniformLarge0$15
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports UniformXL0$15
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports Uniform2XL0$15
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports Uniform3XL1$15
Navy Polo Top NEW 2020Sports Uniform4XL0$15
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports Uniform80
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports Uniform101
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports Uniform120
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports Uniform140
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports UniformSmall 0
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports UniformMedium 0$47
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports UniformLarge0$47
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports UniformXL0$47
Navy Soft Shell Spray Jacket NEW 2018Sports Uniform2XL-4XL0
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports Uniform100$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports Uniform120$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports Uniform140$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports Uniform160$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports UniformSmall (10-12)0$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports UniformMedium (14-16)0$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports UniformLarge0$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports UniformXL0$25
Navy Trackpant NEW 2019Sports Uniform2XL-4XL0$25
PE ShortsSports UniformS (8-10)1$13
PE ShortsSports UniformM (12-14)2$13
PE ShortsSports UniformL (16-)Under 5$13
PE ShortsSports UniformXL1$13
PE ShortsSports Uniform2XL0$13
PE ShortsSports Uniform3XL1$13
Yellow Polo Top (To be removed end of 2023)Sports UniformXS-SMore than 20$13
Yellow Polo Top (To be removed end of 2023)Sports UniformMMore than 20$13
Yellow Polo Top (To be removed end of 2023)Sports UniformLMore than 20$13
Yellow Polo Top (To be removed end of 2023)Sports UniformXLMore than 10$13
Yellow Polo Top (To be removed end of 2023)Sports UniformXXLMore than 10$13
Yellow Polo Top (To be removed end of 2023)Sports UniformXXXLLess than 5$13
BlazerUnisex851 Good Condition
1 Poor Condition
BlazerUnisex881 OK condition$88-$116
BlazerUnisex901 Poor Condition
BlazerUnisex931 Poor Condition$88-$116
BlazerUnisex100Less than 5$95-$125
BlazerUnisex105More than 10$95-$125
BlazerUnisex110More than 20$95-$125
BlazerUnisex115More than 20$100-$131
BlazerUnisex120More than 10$100-$131
BlazerUnisex125Less than 10$100-$131
BlazerUnisex1301-shortened sleeves
2 - Good Condition
Jumper (Optional)Unisex100$20
Jumper (Optional)Unisex12More than 10$20
Jumper (Optional)Unisex14More than 10$20
Jumper (Optional)Unisex16-18More than 20$20
Jumper (Optional)Unisex20-22More than 10$20
Jumper (Optional)Unisex24-26More than 10$20
Jumper (Optional)Unisex28-30Less than 5$20