Global Tuition Fee

Lavalla Catholic College offers a two tiered Global Tuition Fee that is designed to simplify families’ budgets. School fees are under a two tiered system, Years 7 -9 Tuition, and Years 10-12 tuition, which differentiates the cost of education relative to each campus and its educational program.

What is covered under the Global Fee

ALL charges relating to the delivery of education such as materials, fees, VET, VCAL, Year Level Camps & retreats.

What is not covered in the Global Fee

Any supplementary activities such as music camps, private music lessons, Marist sporting carnivals, netbook leasing & overseas trips e.g. Italy, Fiji etc.

Knowing that there is only one charge for the year will allow families to plan and budget for regular payments under our Payment Plan. Please remember that you will not be asked for further contributions to excursions etc., so while the initial figure is higher than this year’s fees, when you add in the other costs you have covered this year, the end cost is the same. The benefit is that all these costs can now be included in the payment plan.

Please contact for any questions.