Gippsland Independent Schools

Lavalla Catholic College joined the Gippsland Independent Schools Association (GIS) in 2016. Other members of this association are:

The purpose of the GIS is to organise events that allow students to celebrate their faith, display and create art, perform in areas of music, dance and drama as well as engage with other young people in our region.

There are three major events each year, which are:

An Ecumenical Service

This is held in late Term 1 and focuses on a different theme each year. The day consists of students collaborating to prepare a service that incorporates prayer, music, scripture, drama and reflection.


This event primarily involves students in Years 7 to 10, with some special performances from VCE students. The lead up to this exhibition has students from Years 7 to 10 taking part in two collaborative rehearsals alongside students from the other participating schools before presenting an entertaining evening of varied ensemble performances. The evening also showcases a talented array of VCE Music students from each school performing as soloists or in small ensembles. This event takes place in Term 2.


This event involves students gathering on two occasions to rehearse dance and drama acts and to create a significant work of art revolving around a theme. The culmination of the program sees an exhibition, held at the West Gippsland Art Centre and the Latrobe Performing Arts Centre. Students from our St Paul’s (Years 7 to 9) campus participate in this event. This event takes place in Term 3.