Learning Framework

At Lavalla Catholic College we know that all students are able to learn. Our focus is on building each students’ Thinking, Resilience, Communication, Reflection and Initiative. Together we aim to build students’ capacity as learners by understanding how we can achieve these skills and have students transfer them across every class and every subject.


Learners can:

  • Recognise and shift their thinking from surface to deep.
  • Identify strategies to plan and organise their thinking.
  • Pose questions to make sense of new contexts and ideas.
  • Analyse and use evidence to build a point of view.


Learners can:

  • Identify and take the risk they need to improve learning.
  • Reflect on the learning process to improve future outcomes.
  • Create action plans to improve their performance.
  • Make decisions about how they react to a situation.


Learners can:

  • Make decisions that affect their approach to learning in positive ways.
  • Identify ways to create new possibilities.
  • Identify and discuss the choices they face.


Learners can:
  • Initiate and use collaborative opportunities to enhance their learning.
  • Identify and use a range of strategies to communicate their thinking in different ways.
  • Articulate the skills required for effective teamwork.


Learners can:

  • Give, seek and respond to feedback.
  • Identify the connection between different contexts.
  • Identify learning goals and develop a process to achieve.
  • Reflect before, during and after tasks.