Wellbeing Support Structure

All students in our College should be safe, happy and be able to strive to be successful.

The wellbeing and safety of our students is a priority and we work proactively to develop, maintain and encourage a caring and orderly learning environment for our students.

The welfare of students in our care is the responsibility of all staff, as we know that good emotional health correlates powerfully with strong academic development.

At Lavalla Catholic College we have two structures for wellbeing support in place to guide your child through their learning journey.

At St. Paul’s Campus (Years 7-9) we have a Year Group Structure led by Wellbeing Leaders; whilst at Kildare we have a Vertical House System led by Heads of House.

The role of the Wellbeing Leader / Head of House is to lead Student Wellbeing, general and specific areas of pastoral care, liaise with parents as well as maintain discipline and College expectations within the House.

The role of the Wellbeing Leader / Head of House is to ensure the well-being of each student within the Year Group or House and that each is catered for in keeping with the vision and mission of the College. This includes the necessary support and initiatives to enable each student to develop a sense of identity and personal worth and to contribute to the overall good of the community.

Deputy Principal Wellbeing & Operations – Mr Doug Doherty

Year 7 Wellbeing LeaderMs Natalie Macpherson

Year 8 Wellbeing LeaderMs Megan Ambrose

Year 9 Wellbeing Leaders Mr Matthew Harris

House Leaders

Champagnat Ms Pierina Fenech

DelanyMr Vashon Weaver

MackillopMr Shane Reid

NagleMr Alex Rathbone