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Library Services


At Lavalla Catholic College, we have named our library the Information Services Centre ("The ISC"). In the ISC you can read and borrow books / DVDs / Audio Books, get computer and printing support, play board games, study or sit and chat with your friends.

At the computer helpdesk, located within the ISC on each campus, students can have school software installed at no charge, loan a computer if theirs are being repaired or seek assistance with their own device. Limited computer charging is available in the ISC, but students are encouraged to bring their device to school fully charged.

The ISC's catalogue is available to view online, and books can be reserved online. The college's recorded video library can also be viewed online (please see the links at the bottom of the page).

Students are welcome to borrow up to seven items for two weeks at a time, and suggest new resources for the college to purchase

ISC Opening Hours

Campus Monday-Thursday Friday
Kildare Campus 8:15am - 5:30pm 8:15am - 4pm
St. Paul's 8:15am - 4:20pm 8:15am - 4pm