The VCE is typically a two year program of study undertaken during the final two years of secondary education (Years 11 & 12).  It is a recognised qualification for entry to further studies at University or TAFE or for movement into the workforce.  The VCE is administered through the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

To be awarded the VCE:

To satisfactory complete the VCE, a student must have a satisfactory result (S) for a minimum of 16 units.  This must include:

  • at least three units from the English group, two of which must be a Unit 3–4 sequence
  • an additional three Unit 3–4 sequences of studies other than English, which may include any number of English sequences once the English requirement has been met.

At Lavalla Catholic College students usually complete 22 Units of VCE and/ or VCE VET over two years.

In Year 11, students complete 12 Units (Six in each semester) plus one Religious Education Unit (Year Long).  All students are required to complete a Unit 1 & 2 from the English studies offered.

It is recommended that Year 11 students also complete a Unit 1 & 2 in Mathematics, to enhance their suitability for further education and/or employment.

The remaining Units of the Year 11 program can be selected from any of the available VCE or VET Units.

In Year 12, students complete 10 units (five in each semester) plus one Religious Education Unit (Year Long). 

All Year 12 students, are required to complete a Unit 3 & 4 from the English studies offered unless this requirement has been met as an enhancement study at the Year 11 level.

How is VCE Assessed?

To successfully complete a VCE Unit, a student must demonstrate achievement of the set of outcomes for the Unit as specified by the study design and communicated by the subject teacher.  The decision regarding satisfactory completion of outcomes is based on the teacher’s assessment of the student’s performance in various tasks designated for the unit.

A student receives an ‘S’ when the school determines that all outcomes are achieved satisfactorily.  In general, this requires a student to:

  • Produce work that demonstrates the achievement of the outcomes
  • Submit work on time
  • Submit work that is clearly his/her own
  • Observe the VCAA and school rules
  • Attend a suitable number of classes in each unit (at least 90%).

The decision to award an ‘S’ for a Unit is distinct from the assessment of levels of achievement or awarding of scores and grades.

In Year 11 (unit 1 & 2 studies) student achievement and satisfactory completion of units is a school decision.

In Year 12 (unit 3 & 4 studies) satisfactory completion of units is a school decision.  However, levels of achievement and student scores are awarded by the VCAA based on school assessed coursework or tasks and external examinations.

Study Scores and the ATAR    
In Year 12 (unit 3 & 4 studies) students are awarded a study score for each unit 3 & 4 sequence completed.  This score is based on school assessed coursework and tasks, as well as the external examination.  A study score is a measure of a student’s performance in a unit compared to all other students completing that unit. 

Students interested in University study, the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is calculated by VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) based on study scores.

The ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) is calculated from study scores for:

  • Units 3 & 4 sequence from the English group, plus
  • The best three (3) Unit 3 & 4 sequences, plus
  • 10% of the next two (2) best Unit 3 & 4 sequences
  • VCE/VET Unit 3 and 4 sequences could be included in the primary four (4)

For further information please visit VTAC.